This Tuesday, June 4th, the voters of our proud community have an important decision to make. Will they continue to vote for candidates who achieve little to nothing of what was promised or will they elect a candidate who has time and time again held current and past administrations accountable for the mismanagement and incompetence that has plagued our local government. You may know me from my attendance at our local town council meetings, where I ask the tough questions that need to be asked. There’s an interesting irony in that the current administration pledged to be more transparent than its predecessor but, all we have seen is more of the same. Our current Council members have not been holding this administration to its promises, namely “Cleaning up Parsippany” – we need somebody on the council that will. I pledge to continue to ask the tough questions and get the answers our residents need and certainly deserve. 

As a former BOE member, I recognize that decisions made by the current administration can potentially have a major impact on the way our school taxes are used and how our children are affected. I have a proven record of delivering promises with the efficiency and thoughtfulness our hardworking taxpayers deserve, especially when it comes to ensuring the security of our children. Currently, the township provides three Class 3 Special Police Officers. These three officers are tasked with providing school security for each of our ten elementary schools. In light of current events, I believe that each school should have a dedicated Class 3 Special Police Officer to provide constant security and full coverage throughout the township.

For far too long Town Hall has been used as a tool to reward political allies at the expense of the taxpayer. The current environment of Chris Christie style political patronage hires are serious drains on tax revenue. To prevent this in the future, I propose that all township hires have their qualifications made public in addition to having a cost-benefit analysis prepared for the position being created or filled. Our current Council members have not been questioning the serious issue of unqualified patronage hires, high proposed tax increases and ineffective governance that have come straight from the Mayor’s Office – we need somebody who will. I can ensure our community that I will act as that check and balance and I will continue to fight for the residents of this proud township should you elect me as your Republican candidate for Parsippany Township Council.