Dear Editor, 

I would like to say some words about the political crucifixion that is being done to Isabella Alfano. When Isabella found disturbing information about her opponent and told the people of the party about it, she was heavily slandered by her opponent by being called a liar and even accused of stealing her opponents signs. The only one lying is her opponent. Every single thing that Mrs. Alfano has stated is the truth and I have seen the evidence myself with my own eyes. She has been accused of being no more than a travel clerk for Sotheby’s, when in actuality she worked as a Senior Manager supervising multiple departments and having a great deal of experience in estates. Not only this, but her own son is on the autism spectrum, which adds to her knowledge and understanding what families need in times of difficulty. And the accusation of stealing signs is hypocritical, since a large sign of Mrs. Alfano’s has been partially obscured by two of her opponent’s signs. These are the same dirty tactics used by a certain team running for Freeholder. Isabella has always been there for Parsippany candidates and works hard as the corresponding secretary of both the club and committee and is highly dedicated to the Republican Party.

Do you, people of Morris County, want someone who perpetrates such lies about her opponent to have a hand in your estates? I personally, do not. I strongly urge you on Tuesday to make the wise choice, and vote for Isabella Alfano for Morris County Surrogate!

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I also urge you to vote for the Dinsmore, Felegi, and Winterfield Team for Freeholder and for all Parsippany residents to vote for the Paul Carifi Jr., DePierro, and Gragnani team for council. Make your vote count and vote for lower taxes!


Thomas J. DeLorenzo

Parsippany GOP Committeeman

District 32