Dear Editor,

I am a new resident to the town of Parsippany and have been making good friends with people who are interested in good government.  Because of this, I attended the Council meeting this past week and was very disappointed in what I saw.  

I heard the leaders of the council call out to residents very unprofessional names.  One time a resident who spoke up was called a 'lap dog'.  Another time a resident was told 'right back at you'. A different time someone referred to a resident as 4.2 Lou.  Not sure what that means but it wasn't said respectfully.

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I think that new and long standing Parsippany residents should voice concerns out of this reality tv show like behavior at town government meetings.  Elected officials should be held and expected to act at a high standard.

Thank you for your attention in this manner.


Vihaan Acharya,

Parsippany, NJ