Democrats Control both Statehouses and the Governor’s Mansion. They have spent the last four months arguing over what is the best plan to make New Jersey less affordable. The Legislators say increase these taxes, the Governor responds my tax increases are better! These failed policies and false choices have left New Jersey and its citizens rated 49th out of 50 in Fiscal Stability and Quality of Life nationwide (Us News). Instead of using common sense and courage to decrease spending and operate more efficiently with less, they continue to pander to their special interest groups with policies that chase life long Jersey residents to other more affordable states.

The final straw has to be with all the reigns of power, their solution is to raise more taxes and fees.

This is why my number one priority and that of my team’s is to mobilize record turnout to the polls here in Morris County this November. The time is now for all New Jersey voters to reject tax and spend career politicians and elect fiscal conservatives to Washington DC, Trenton, County offices and all 565 municipalities in the state. Watch and see. Morris County will lead the way. #Enough!