Drain the swamp...

If you like the idea of draining the swamp in Washington, then consider also starting that process here in Parsippany.  Voting in the incumbent out of habit, name recognition or party loyalty is what caused the problem and only by consciously changing that process can real change begin.  Party means the least at the municipal level.  The mayor of Parsippany won’t have a say in gun control, abortion or any other party platform.  So instead of relying on party to make your decision this year, look at the person you will be choosing on Nov. 7.
The Barberio administration has existed under a cloud of criminal accusations, lawsuits, alleged bribery charges, unwanted development, nepotism, hypocrisy, out of control spending and incompetency. Until now none of the accusations against the mayor have stuck but the cost to residents for making all of Barberio’s problems go away has been high.  The Parsippany council voted not to rehire John Inglesino as the township attorney. Barberio overrode the council on a loophole in the law and held him over. Why would he do that especially considering that Inglesino has charged the township hundreds of thousands more dollars than any other municipal attorney in Parsippany or for that matter Morris County? Because he was buying - with taxpayer money - protection. Inglesino was Gov. Chris Christie’s college roommate and he is still his good friend. So for the eight years of the Christie administration there has been a safety net around the mayor. In January that protection goes away and hopefully so does Barberio and his crew.
Eight years is enough! Don’t vote just the “party line.”  Do the right thing.  Let’s clean the slate instead of creating a dynasty in our town.

Vote Soriano, McCarthy and Peterson

Kayla Pacan