PARSIPPANY, NJ - Former Council President and Current Parsippany GOP Chairman, Lou Valori spoke up at the July 10th Council meeting,  He voiced concerns over the social media posts of a local public figure and his relation to the Parsippany Chamber of Commerce.  Current Council President Paul Carifi interrupted him asking what his speech had to do with Township business.

You can watch the speech in the attached video.

Full Text of Speech:

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Good evening Council members,
I am here tonight to bring to your attention a very serious issue
making local news here in Parsippany regarding widespread public concerns
regarding the public and social media messaging propagated by a local
officeholder touting the exploitation of children, woman and
As elected leaders  -- you all know that this is unacceptable in our society.  In essence, this is a form of public bullying
targeted against certain sectors of our cherished community.

I have with me --- for everyone’s review --- several Facebook posts by Frank Cahill of the Parsippany Focus, who is also an executive director of the
Parsippany Chamber Of Commerce.

*********GIVE HANDOUT TO TOWNSHIP CLERK*************

 I respectfully request our Township’s administration immediately stop all funding to the Parsippany Chamber Of Commerce until Chamber officials
get their house in order and formally disaffiliate with Mr. Cahill outright.
Parsippany cannot, in good conscience, fund an organization that
directly or indirectly -- condones this disturbing, injurious and bizarre
behavior.  The old adage “You become the company you keep” sadly rings true with
our local Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Cahill.   Therefore, no sound reason exists for the Township to financially support this Chamber until swift, appropriate action is taken by the Chamber to remove Mr. Cahill from this organization. 

And moving forward, I further call upon the Township
administration to more thoroughly inspect any and all vendors or organizations  seeking township affiliation and subsidization to properly ensure executives  and offers of that organization do not engage in the same deplorable and reprehensible behavior similar to that of Mr. Cahill. 
We owe no less to our residents. Mr. Cahill’s continuous public message sponsorship of the exploitation of children, women and religion is unacceptable
and will not be tolerated in Parsippany.  
Currently, this Township already performs a thorough background check on our Police officers, they should be doing same for all our vendors.
Until that happens and until the Parsippany Chamber of Commerce cleans house of those who demean and bully online -- I respectfully request all funding to the Chamber cease immediately.