Dear Editor:

After being flooded with mailers from Parsippany's local candidates, I need to speak up...

I've had the unique experience of working closely with both candidates for Mayor in my hometown of Parsippany.

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As a former Democrat, I worked closely with Michael Soriano in local and county politics. From personal experience, Soriano's brand of politics and leadership embodies negativity, selfish motives, and a clear lack of basic understanding and experience of local budgets, business acumen, and community service.

In 2009, I left the Democratic party, and part of the reason was Michael Soriano.

In 2007, I met then Councilman James R Barberio (we ran against one another), but even though we were competitors at the time, he reached out to 20 year old me wishing me the best of luck and told me I had a bright future. There was no negativity, no personal motives - I realized, James R Barberio wanted the best for a town he was born and raised in. Soon thereafter, the Mayor became a mentor of mine.

My family and friends supported Jamie for Mayor in 2009, in 2013, and we now support to Re-Elect Mayor Barberio For Parsippany in 2017. Why? Jamie would give the last shirt on his back for a Parsippany family. Want more? Parsippany is one of the best towns to live in the country, our schools are top notch, our real estate market is on fire, Parsippany is the second safest town to live in, and in an economical environment where businesses are leaving New Jersey, Parsippany is attracting more corporations than ever before.

I've taken a step back from politics to focus in on my career, but I'll always continue to support leaders that I believe in.

On Tuesday, November 7, join me in supporting Mayor James R Barberio for re-election.

Milin Shah