For immediate release

Hackensack, NJ - Draining the swamp means the entire swamp. Today Monica Brinson, former Co-Founder of the Recall Murphy Petition, filed a massive FEC complaint against Hirsh Singh, Singh for Senate and Shore News Network. Brinson said, "I find it shameful, disgusting and quite frankly embarrassing that Hirsh Singh ran what appears to be an illegal campaign for U.S. Senate by misappropriating resources put behind the Phil Murphy Recall petition for political and personal gain. Even more egregious is that Mr. Singh conspired with the Shore News Network to push blatantly false information and propaganda about other GOP candidates without disclosing their mutually beneficial relationship to the FEC.”

The complaint summed that Hirsh Singh and his illegal campaign cronies fought hard to continue to destroy the Republican party by pathologically lying and casting in a false light fellow GOP candidates. Brinson stated that she looked forward to justice being served.

“Hirsh Singh has embarrassed New Jersey, himself, and the Republican party, and must be held accountable for his illegal actions to destroy the Phil Murphy Recall petition and defraud Republican primary voters. I call on the NJGOP and Chairman Steinhardt to join me in demanding Mr. Singh to disclose his illegal campaign contribution conspiracy to the FEC immediately.”