This writer is a man in his mid-seventies…A Veteran of one of what seems to be endless wars and a Husband and Father…I say this only to establish that I have been around a long time, younger than some but older than most.  This has given me a good opportunity to observe how we as Americans have seen tragedies that have befallen our Great Nation.

This Coronavirus is doing things that I guess only those still alive after the Great War WW-II can recall, the air raid drills, lights out at night, rationing of everything and the leaning on GOD to help bring that war to an end and to protect our Sons and Daughters who were actually fighting the war.  Yes – America was a much smaller nation in 1941 – the population was only 134 million people so more than 13% of the populations was engaged on fighting.. 

At that time there did not seem to be a lack of belief of GOD, there is a saying in the Armed Forces, “There is always room in a foxhole for GOD!”  People filled the churches, there were countless and endless Prayer Services. We went it seems from WW2, right into the Korean War and hundreds of thousands of people were drafted and went to fight another useless war…GOD again was the shining light of hope, then with not much of a break we were in Vietnam and millions of people drafted in a war that lasted ten year…But from the beaches of the South China Sea to the fancy churches across America…People, especially parents prayed for the safe return of their sons and daughters…Even now with endless insane wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – still parents are praying for their children…But the churches are empty…

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We were witnesses to the most cruel attack on America ever on 9/11 and a frail building called Saint Paul’s Church off Broadway was left standing to give aid and comfort to all who were in need…

Now we have a terrible plague infecting not just America but the entire world, in just four months it has gone from an add on to the evening news to a 24 hour a day, hour by hour count of the dead and dying.  BUT, the difference is – in these days of advanced political correctness, there is NEVER a word said about GOD. There is never a word said about “Let’s take a few minutes each day to ask GOD or whatever Higher Power you believe in to HELP AMERICA, help the sick and dying and their families!”  No – The news commentators sit stone faced, they sit as though there brains have been completely washed of any knowledge of a Deity…That by even the mention of Prayer could cost them their jobs…

I cannot tell others what to do, but I know that I still find great solace, great relief and yes even a relaxing feeling when I am done saying a few minutes of Prayer, I am a widower and do not have the luxury of having a wife to talk with, and maybe by praying I find a peace that even in these difficult times I need...

Yes, the Churches, Temples and Mosques  are closed, there are no more gatherings in establish places of worship – but that is not an issue, it was Jesus who said But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then you’re Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 

I wish there was a better, faster and safer way to get rid of Coronavirus, but it appears today there isn’t and I am in that TARGET age group…So, maybe I pray for a selfish reason. If this will be my end, I would like to show up in front of GOD and have him say “Well done my good and faithful servant, welcome – spend eternity with me!” (At least that is my hope!)

So, I am not a preacher, nor am I some example of a shining light of goodness, and I have no right to tell anyone what to do with their lives and what is in their hearts, but if we don’t find that cure, that magic bullet – we may need GOD to help to get through this epidemic…Try saying a Prayer, see if it helps with the anxiety, the desire to somehow be in a place not affected by this disease, and maybe you might even find a few minutes of Peace….


Respectfully submitted:


S. Roman Sr.

Parsippany NJ