Senator Joe Pennacchio released the following statement upon hearing that Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham wishes a quick dismissal of the Articles of Impeachment, if and when they come to the Senate from the House.

Senator Lindsey Graham has publicly stated that the Articles of Impeachment against President Trump will be dead on arrival when they come over to the United States Senate from the House of Representatives. This is in contradiction to President Trump saying he wants a Senate trial. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey  Graham Stated that impeachment testimony along with their Congressional witnesses can be dealt with through the Senate’s  normal oversight process. So why have they not already done so? The Senate could have had oversight testimony and could have called witnesses while Schiff and Nadler were having their witch-hunt. The public all along has been told to wait for the Senate to give our President a, “fair shake”. The right to call and cross-examine witnesses. The right to publicly defend himself, and the right to issue subpoenas which were all denied in the House would be allowed in the Senate. Not to do so would confuse the public, and may have them asking why wouldn’t the Senate want to leave no doubt that the  President did nothing wrong? Not challenging the House and allowing an immediate Senate dismissal would embolden and allow future the weaponization  of impeachment to tarnish and besmirch an opposing Party’s President at will and for no other reason except politics. Falsehoods, and lies if left unchallenged could become, “ truths”, with Impeachment  and Censures becoming  common place, taking time away from doing the business of the people, lessening our Democracy and fueling a path for a more divisive and partisan discourse. This and future House of Representatives have to be put on notice that their vote to invalidate the will of the people will undergo scrutiny and oversight in the Senate and  will not be left unchallenged. The American people have the right to know.