VERONA, NJ (AUG. 12, 2019) – Laura Fortgang, the Democratic candidate for the New Jersey State Assembly’s 26th legislative district, is calling on Republican Assemblyman Jay Webber to explain his new campaign literature claiming he supports equal pay for women when he notoriously voted against the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act in 2018.

“As a small business owner and full-time working mother who has always shared equally with my husband the responsibility of financially supporting our family, I find Assemblyman Webber’s false and deceitful claims on his campaign literature that he supports equal pay for women deeply offensive, as should working women and working mothers across New Jersey,” Fortgang said.

“In 2018, Jay Webber was one of the just two legislators, Republican or Democrat, who voted against the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act (S-104) that now guarantees equal pay for equal work for New Jersey workers. His voting record is indisputable. When you consider that women are the primary breadwinners in 441,000 New Jersey families, and that the wage gap is a key factor in 23 percent of those families living below the poverty level, his vote against working women is unconscionable. When you consider that working single mothers and women of color suffer a larger wage gap than other working women, his vote against the security and stability of New Jersey’s most vulnerable families is particularly cruel. The voters of the 26th District need to know the truth about Jay Webber on this important issue, especially given that we clearly can’t expect him to tell the truth about himself," Fortgang said.

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“Jay Webber is either unaware or unconcerned that in a state with a cost of living as high as New Jersey, families need two salaries, and depend on two salaries, to survive, and that working mothers have spouses and children who also suffer the consequences of their lost wages,” Fortgang said.

“The $16 billion a year that the wage gap and wage discrimination was costing New Jersey’s working women was money taken away from their children’s college funds, their spouses retirement accounts, money their families didn’t have to buy groceries or pay for rent, car repairs or medical bills," Fortgang said. "It is important to note that the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act does not just protect women. It guarantees equal pay for equal work for all New Jersey workers, who are the victims of wage theft and wage discrimination every day. This is why Jay Webber’s vote against workers is so disturbing. When the overwhelming majority of Republicans, as well as Democrats, understand the impact of wage discrimination on New Jersey’s hard-working families, it shows you just how out of touch Jay Webber is with the struggles and concerns of the working people of New Jersey," Fortgang said.   

“As troubling as Jay Webber’s vote against New Jersey’s working women was in 2018, his attempt to mislead and deceive voters about his views on equal pay in 2019 is even more disturbing," Fortgang said. "The voters of the 26th District deserve leaders who will do their jobs with transparency, integrity and honesty. Jay Webber is being dishonest with the voters of the 26th District and owes all of us an explanation," Fortgang said. 

The Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act overwhelmingly passed the state assembly 74-2 and was signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy.