I recently wrote a letter to the editor of Tap into Parsippany about  the Mayor of Parsippany supporting drivers licenses for ILLEGAL Immigrants and his efforts to turn Parsippany into a Sanctuary City.

My criticism had NO remarks aimed at any race, nationality or religion…In fact my letter does NOT mention any of those qualities of the Illegal immigrants.  Illegals come in all colors and nationalities as far as I can see.

This response IS the prime example of how the FAR LEFT SOCIALIST IN THE democrat party attempts to destroy or damage anyone who raises a legitimate objection to the attempts of democrats to break down the solidly republican counties in New Jersey.  The party gets a stooge to respond to the objection comments, and immediately start attacking the writer as a racist, a bigot – homophobic, xenophobic, anti-woman, Pro-life and eventually that we the complainers all have the advantage of White Privilege.  That IS the democrat way…

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This person has never met me.  How can he know that for over 60 years I have been a small business man, I go to people’s homes and repair broken equipment.  I do NOT avoid going into any home for any reasons, and I am proud to know that my group of friends is to say the least ECLATIC.  But this writer says that he KNOWS that I am a bigot…Well that is sad. If he had anything REAL to comment, that is what his letter should have addressed…That writer declares that “Some people would prefer to live in Parsippany as opposed to Newark or Paterson! That if I knew people from those towns I might feel differently”…NO!  I just have to see the daily newspapers who was shot to death, who was carjacked, who was assaulted, how many rapes and the daily list of serious crimes goes on day after day. It does NOT list what race did the crime, but both Newark and Paterson are Sanctuary Cities, places where when illegals are caught committing a crime the local police CAN NOT contact ICE to report on the arrest, do we want that type of law and order in Parsippany??

Any comments of drivers licenses for illegal aliens is the same as giving a convicted criminal a free pass to drive anywhere in New Jersey, and the Governor has made that a law.  BUT the Governor nor the Parsippany Mayor uttered one word about guaranteeing that those illegals have REAL CAR INSURANCE to protect those of us who use the roads too…As I mentioned the State has a SPECIAL Auto insurance for people on public assistance, it allows those drivers to dance around having real and expensive insurance…I understand it cost $1.00 a day..The problem for US the rest of the drivers is that it has ZERO value…If a driver with that insurance hits you, damages YOUR car or worse injures YOU…If you do not have Uninsured Motorists Coverage well that is too dam bad for you…Because the driver – who most likely has nothing of value will pay you ZERO dollars…Oh sure you can sue them but what do they have – nothing and YOU get screwed…

That is the consequence of allowing Illegals to get a driver’s license…Does Mayor Soriano care about the citizens of Parsippany or the Illegals who will be driving with little or NO automobile Insurance?…I do not know how I am a racists or a bigot for pointing out the flaws of what the Mayor wants to allow..My comparison in commenting on Sanctuary Cities well maybe I should use another example, how about San Francisco where Tent Cities are all over town, there is so much human waste in the streets that the Federal Government sued the city because the untreated CRAP runs right down the famous hills there right into the Bay and onto the City Beaches…Does this writer want that here in Parsippany…

If anyone objects to my comments, please no more cheap politics, address what I say…Not what your Puppet Masters tell you to write.

Vito Sacco