I just read an article from our “Tax and Spend” Mayor saying that he supports giving illegal immigrants an official New Jersey Driver’s License, and he supports it even if these people do not have a legal place of residents.  They can be living in a tent behind the Walmart in Cedar Knolls and that is sufficient for those so called “New Jersey Residents” to get a driver’s license.

There are a number of problems with what the Parsippany Mayor wants to do.  For instance these people will have to get insurance.  The State of New Jersey has a program where people who are on public assistance (Welfare) can legally drive with this so called state issued insurance.  What does it cover NOTHING…It has ZERO value other than to get around the State’s requirement that all registered vehicle MUST HAVE legal and expensive automobile insurance.

Suppose one of these illegals who have State Insurance smashes into YOU and YOUR Car?  What do you get?  Well – unless you have Uninsured Motorist Insurance on YOUR auto policy you get NOTHING.  Yes that is right!  If you do not have Uninsured Motorist YOU will reach into your pocket to pay for repairs.  The State insurance gets around the law that it has for all other drivers by issuing a policy for anyone, the cost is about $1.00 a day…

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These are the people who the Mayor of Parsippany wants to bring into our township!  Why does he want to turn Parsippany into a Sanctuary City, why does he support giving illegals, homeless and any other welfare recipient a driver’s license?  Because he is a puppet of the State democrat committee and its continuing attempts to destroy the North Jersey communities by getting more low IQ voters into our communities.  That is obvious by the insane Pilot Project and now the attempt to take a failing Mossberg Building and turn that into another 120 low income apartments.  Apartments that will bring hundreds of school children to Parsippany.  Cost of education is now around $20,000 a year per child,

The Pilot Project pays ZERO taxes, guess who will pay for all this kids.. YOU WILL!

Since this Mayor has been in office I have not seen anything that he has done for those residents who have lived here for years, those of us who pay taxes, those of us, like this writer who is a Senior Citizens hardly able to pay the taxes to keep Parsippany going.  All I see is higher taxes, and nothing new to show for it.  The democrats top priority is turning Parsippany into Newark of Paterson…

We need people to raise their voices - to start making residents of Parsippany aware that unless they take a firm stand that this Mayor will have turned Parsippany into a town where Illegal immigrants can come freely, without proper insurance, and next have a subsidized home on Route 10.  What will the mayor and democrats gain by all this subterfuge, these people will show their appreciation by voting democrat – the results will change Parsippany forever and in a BAD WAY.

Respectfully Submitted:

Vito Sacco

Parsippany, New Jersey