To the Editor,

Gov. Philip D. Murphy bowed to pressure from Democratic lawmakers rather than force a government shutdown over his demand for millionaires tax like the five measures vetoed by former Republican Gov Chris Christie.

At 7:30 pm on June 30, the last day of the fiscal year, Murphy held a news conference with Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Senate President  Steve Sweeney to announce the compromise.

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A modest income tax hike will apply to individuals with more the $5 million earnings and corporate tax rates will go up two percent but there will be no change in the sales tax.

Murphy loudly complained that the Democratic legislators were trying to follow the same reckless practices they used in collaboration with Christie during his eight years in office.

In the end, the former Wall Street tycoon just lacked the nerve to back up his tough talk with action, after threatening to veto the spending plan when his own party refused to enact a millionaires tax.

Progressive leader Lisa McCormick, who challenged US Senator Bob Menendez in the primary election, said "Murphy's surrender is a victory for South Jersey political boss George Norcross and ultra-wealthy people who benefited from the Trump tax cut."

"George Norcross is now the most powerful person in the Garden State," said McCormick. "I don't know if they plan to replace Bob Menendez on the ballot with the power broker's brother, but I am sure we will see plenty of signs reflecting the new reality. There is only one king in New Jersey and democracy does not live here anymore."