To the Editor:

As the Mayor of Morris County’s most populated municipality, I want to welcome TAP into Parsippany to the Township of Parsippany – Troy Hills.   One of my biggest challenges as Mayor is to find effective modes of communication to ensure that the people of Parsippany are adequately and accurately informed about the workings of their local government.   As we all know, the newspaper industry has gone through enormous transformations, and frankly, has lost much of its reach in this digital age.  The result of this phenomenon, here in Parsippany, has been the emergence of on line publications, which have blurred the lines between news and editorial comment so badly that the result has been an abundance of  fake news.    To date, these local on line publications, have not accurately reported the  news, and skew most every story to further a certain political agenda.   Such “reporting” doesn’t serve the people. 

TAP into Parsippany provides an opportunity for Parsippany residents to get honest, in-depth coverage of the issues that affect all of us in Parsippany.     As many of you know, I started my own blog last year, plugintoparsippany, to bridge the gap between “news” accounts and what accurately occurs here in Parsippany so that the public is better informed.   In order for our democracy to work as it should, we need a free press – but also a press that reports the news as opposed to a press that manufactures the news.   I welcome a divergence of opinions because it is only by considering all opinions that we can attain the best results.   But, when the press seeks to distort and manufacture news to create its own outcome, as has happened here in Parsippany, the public is, in my opinion, ill served.   It is my hope and expectation that TAP into Parsippany will fill a significant void in our community – that being the need to obtain unbiased factual news accounts of the workings of our local government.

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So it is with a love of our community and a commitment to honest reporting and robust debate that I welcome TAP into Parsippany to our community.  I will do all I can to share information with TAP into Parsippany, so that they can bring it directly to you.    


James R. Barberio

Mayor Township of Parsippany - Troy Hills