Trenton, NJ - On Sunday, August 5 at 11 a.m. at the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services office at 44 S. Clinton Ave., Trenton, NJ there will be a nurse-in protest in response to the recent U.S. opposition to the U.N. World Health Organization breastfeeding resolution.

The event in NJ is one of multiple grassroots gatherings happening at statehouses and HHS offices around the country.  National groups Milky Mommas and Nationwide Nurse-In have requested the protests of their 80,000 and 28,000 followers respectively, asking breastfeeding mothers to show up in solidarity with the United Nations resolution and with health advocates across the world.

The World Health Organization initiative is rooted in saving babies' lives.  Increasing breastfeeding, according to the WHO site, could save 800,000 children and $300 billion U.S. every year.

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"Mothers across the United States recognize the value of breastfeeding and while it is important to support all mothers and how they choose to feed their babies, it's also important to provide new mothers with accurate information and curb misinformation spread by formula manufacturers," said Yarrow Willman-Cole, event organizer, breastfeeding advocate and nursing mother.

"Women should be able to rely upon sound science when they make critical decisions about how to feed their children, and informing women of the health benefits of breastfeeding is an international imperative," said Christine Clarke, co-organizer, advocate and nursing mother.

“This is not about limiting anyone’s access to formula or shaming those who use it. This is about protecting families, both formula and breastfeeding, from aggressive, expensive, and dangerous marketing tactics and making sure that our country is putting Babies’ Health Over Corporate Wealth," said Laura Delmonico, Founder of Nationwide Nurse-In.

Milky Mommas notes the U.S. has never adopted the W.H.O. Code since its inception in 1981.  The Code outlines strategies to promote breastfeeding, use breastmilk substitutes safely, and regulate formula sales practices ethically.  

Those who wish to attend the Babies’ Health Over Corporate Wealth Nurse-In In Trenton, NJ are encouraged to indicate participation on the Facebook event post and share the information with friends.  

To find additional locations nationwide for this event visit this link. For more information about Nationwide Nurse-In and Milky Mommas Inc. visit and