PARSIPPANY, NJ - According to Councilman Michael dePierro, Parsippany's tax increase of 3.5% is heavily related to the nearly $500,000 in new salaries and expenses for six people that the Mayor hired during the first six months of his tenure.

"In my opinion, these positions are not needed.  Benefits are an extra 30% of a person's salary so the total expense of these new positions near a half a million dollars.  Without these salaries, the budget increase would be closer to 2.8%", said dePierro.

The Mayor and the three Council people (Paul Carifi, Janice McCarthy and Emily Peterson) that voted in favor of introducing the budget that dipped $2.9 million dollars into the surplus, pointed to the 2016 budget increase of 4.2% as a justification for passing a 2018 one of 3.5%.  However, according to dePierro, the 2016 Budget increase of 4.2% was a direct result of a pension and medical deficit from the Library.  During that year, two employees suffered catastrophic illnesses causing the library's benefit expenses to sky rocket.  This resulted in a $872K library deficit. The Mayor and Council proceeded to meet with the library afterwards to advise them to start a reserve fund.  

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Council needs four votes to introduce this budget.  Currently they have three.