Dear Editor,

I am amazed at the commentary both on facebook and in letters regarding Nancy Choffo's letter. Am I the only one that knows we can be both welcoming and value diversity, yet respect laws and policies?  I give Nancy a lot of credit for standing up for what is right.  Our Mayor said what he said and takes every photo opportunity possible with our new Governor who is an unapologetic spokesperson for Sanctuary cities.  How many times has the Governor come to Parsippany both in during the campaign and after? I am not necessarily a Trump fan but he is right when he says that if we don't have law and order and borders, then we have no country.  Everyone should be welcome in Parsippany.  But they should come here legally.  Having Parsippany become a sanctuary city not only goes against Federal regulations, but makes it a haven for illegal immigrants and raises the chances of human trafficking.  Look around at other Sanctuary cities and speak up and against Parsippany becoming one of them.

Thank you for publishing my letter.

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Zack Collins