Dear Friends,

The first attachment is a statement “to Oppose Marijuana Distribution Centers in Parsippany”.

The second attachment contains Petition Signature Pages.

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A majority of people are not opposed to medical marijuana since it is dispensed by prescription for

many types of ailments. We are, however, concerned about recreational marijuana which is being

promoted by the Governor and a contingency of Legislators in Trenton. The character of Distribution

Centers in a local community changes drastically, when recreational marijuana becomes legal.


Every town already has Distribution Centers … they are called Pharmacies. They dispense drugs by prescription

all the time. Pharmacies will not dispense marijuana prescriptions at this time because the Federal Government

classifies marijuana distribution as a Federal Crime and the Pharmacies would not be reimbursed. When the

President de-classifies marijuana as a Federal Crime, existing Pharmacies could dispense medical marijuana and

eliminate the need for any other type of distribution center.


Parsippany should not rush into distribution centers at the bleeding edge of this issue. We should wait for better

options for our Township. If you agree please print out and distribute as many copies of the above attachments as

You can. The more signatures we get, the stronger our voice becomes to oppose Distribution Centers in our

Township. Please return all signature pages to me with the name of the local petitioner.




Michael J. dePierro

Councilman, Parsippany Township