This is a copy of my public commentary at the July 24, 2018 Parsippany-Troy Hills Council Meeting:

Where is Mayor Soriano hiding? He hasn’t been at any of the Council Meetings to discuss budget matters or he township’s financial state.  Is it that he can’t handle the public outrage over his historic tax increase?!

And Council President Paul  Carifi, why did you roll over and play dead for Mayor Soriano’s take hike and rubber-stamping the Mayor’s nepotism jobs handed out to his inexperienced pals? 

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You keep claiming you spoke with residents who are rightly concerned with your and Mayor Mike’s historical tax hike. But Mr Carifi— did you forget to tell our concerned residents that $500,000 in budget overruns were solely for Mayor Mike’s (or Soriano’s) loyal campaign handlers who have no professional experience in their respective patronage jobs? 

Mr. Carifi — did you also fail to tell the taxpayers that at least $250,000 of additional budget overruns was spent on abusive and unnecessary overtime?

Mr. Carifi — were you actually honest with the public and inform them that $368,000 was being paid out to YOUR brother James Carifi — who is the same guy who stole confidential and sensitive police information from our Parsippany Police Department and coincidentally worked feverishly for Mayor Soriano’s campaign.  

Mr. Carifi — did you fess up to taxpayers that your brother still owes the Township almost $200,000 spent on, what the court deemed, a frivolous lawsuit against the township. 

Mr. Carifi —  did you informed our concerned taxpayers the township just recently spent an additional $50,000 on your brother James Carifi just to have the legitimate court case against him dismissed.

Mr. Carifi — you have been nothing but a bobble head for Mayor Mike Soriano despite your false claims you made several budget cuts and are a fiscal conservative.  

Please  explain to me and the rest of our township in detail what you budget cuts you made! You can’t Mr. Carifi  because you lost all control of your budget and you — Mr. Carifi — will go down in Parsippany’s history as the only Republican Council President to be a certified lap dog for a Liberal Democratic mayor.