This is in response to letter titled in the subject. 

I'm fairly shocked to read a letter on TAPInto that has such openly, possibly racist and divisive statements. This isn't to say the author didn't have some valid points, but certain lines are really beyond the pale.

"The democrats top priority is to turn Parsippany into the Newark of Paterson".

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What is the evidence of this? Is this the official position of any democrat? Newark (where I went to college) boasts numerous high level universities/schools, has many large businesses, and recently enjoyed a dramatic drop in crime oversaw by a democratic mayor. Obviously, I think objectively most people would prefer to live in Parsippany, but there is no reason to compare our town to another city. Especially because, personally knowing many residents of Newark, often they are in very tough situations because of reasons outside their control.

"Because he is a puppet of the State democrat committee and its continuing attempts to destroy North Jersey communities by getting low IQ voters into North Jersey communities"

Really? Can you please provide the statement issued by the State democrat committee indicating this is their official position? What does it mean that our mayor is a 'puppet'?Who are these 'low IQ voters' he speaks of? Is it really appropriate to have this in your paper? Is he stating welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, and homeless people are low IQ? Is that why he doesn't want to help them?

Regardless of your position on illegal immigrants, homeless people, and welfare recipients, I think we can all agree that openly insulting them is not helping any of the actual serious issues our country is facing. Of course, we can reasonably disagree about what assistance they should be receiving, if any. My point is attacking them especially when you are in better spot in life feels petty. They are not the mayor or democratic state senate anyway (who I'm guessing the author has significant disagreements with), why is the author of letter so angry with them?

You could have easily left in many of the valid points made by the author while encouraging them to edit out some of the much nastier, more divisive comments. I think if our country is going to be less polarized it is going to have to partly start at the local community level, where many local papers of high caliber (such as yours) could really make a big difference in having people express their views, which are often valid, without openly attacking large numbers of people. We are all glad to be living in one of the best small towns in America, and shouldn't look down on others who can't enjoy a similar lifestyle.

Rajen B. Patel,