Dear editor:

During last week’s council meeting, a resident raised concerns about Mayor Soriano hiring Jonathan Nelson as the Director of Utilities.  The administrator said that Jonathan’s performance could not be discussed publicly.  I believe the point was missed by the administrator.  The underlying questions are regarding the process that Mayor Soriano used to hire the director of utilities.  Was there a job description? Was there more than one applicant? Where resumes submitted and reviewed by the employment committee?  Were there interviews? Did the Mayor and council vet the candidates at all? None of this has to do with Jonathan Nelson’s performance. It does have to do with the Mayor and Council’s hiring practices.  We remember all too well the articles about Mayor Barberio’s practices.  As a matter of fact, Jonathan Nelson was among the most vocal regarding Barberio’s practice of hiring to repay favors.

That said, it is disturbing that the Mayor and Council hired a man who has a validated history of lying for personal gain.

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Jonathan Nelson’s history is well documented and it is well known that he lied about earning a college degree as noted by Brendan Kuty in his article in and now it has come to light that Jonathan Nelson was caught, convicted, fined and given community service for passing off food as kosher. He once again lied for personal gain. This was validated by the New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety Division of Consumer Affairs.  Additionally, it is alleged that Jonathan Nelson did not pay his fine or do the community service he agreed to perform. This is the behavior of a serial liar.

Is this the quality of employee that Mayor Soriano believes the taxpayers of Parsippany deserve?  

Would Jonathan Nelson the resident stand for hiring Jonathan Nelson the unqualified director of utilities?


Morris Williams