Morristown, NJ - elContinuing to highlight allies who hold values that are at odds with the people of New Jersey, Assemblyman Jay Webber will bring Vice President Mike Pence to headline a thousand-dollar per person fundraiser for Assemblyman Jay Webber in New Jersey’s 11th District. Vice President Pence’s record of voting against women goes hand-in-hand with Assemblyman Webber’s own record. In response to the fundraiser announcement, Morris County Democratic Committee Women’s Caucus Chairwoman Meghan Lynch released the following statement: 

“Vice President Mike Pence holds one of the most anti-women records in Washington. And yet, Assemblyman Jay Webber is bringing the Vice President to our community to raise money for him. Bringing Vice President Pence to our district to raise money for him proves Assemblyman Webber is more concerned with pushing his own ideological agenda than standing up for women.

Assemblyman Webber has racked up a long record of voting against the women of New Jersey. From being one of two legislators to vote against equal pay for equal work, to repeated votes against women’s health, Assemblyman Webber does not stand up for the interests of women in Morris County.”