PARSIPPANY, NJ - On December 13th at 5:30pm in the evening at Ruth Chris Steakhouse, VanTech Computer Services is co-hosting a Dinner and Learn event with Maxta, Inc to discuss the advantages of hyperconvergence and how it simplifies the virtual data center.  Attendees will hear from experts at Lenovo, VanTech, and Maxta about hyperconvergence best practices, and the trade-offs between hardware and software-based approaches. 

Attendees can also discover how software-based hyperconvergence gives the ability to choose an infrastructure that fits individual needs, with no hardware vendor or hypervisor lock-in.  It also provides a way to avoid the refresh and upgrade tax that comes with hardware-based solutions.

If you’re evaluating hyperconvergence and would like to be invited to this complimentary event, please click on this link and a representative will circle back with you right away. 

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