If there ever was clear evidence of how dysfunctional Congress has become, it is now.  Unfortunately, our own Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill has quickly become a part of the problem and not the solution she promised to be.

At a time when we all need significant support from our leaders, the Democrats, including Mikie Sherrill failed us.   Congress’s first shot at what was supposed to be a federal life-line for Americans became an exercise in partisan politics at our expense.  Instead of voting for a bill that had been moved by the Senate, Nancy Pelosi delayed the process and created her own bill that was stuffed with totally unrelated, expensive, and far-left projects. 

Someone needs to explain to all of us how $35 million dollars for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, or $1 Billion for an airplane “Cash for Clunkers” program, or how changing we as a society vote for our officials has anything to do with fixing this Corona Virus crisis. 

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Delaying the relief bill so Nancy Pelosi could fill it with spending on projects that have nothing to do with this emergency is disgraceful.  While we “social distance” ourselves, watch our income plummet and our businesses go bankrupt, Congress put their dysfunction on full display.

One would think Congresswoman Sherrill, who talks a good game on being bi-partisan and helping New Jersey would have been outraged at slowing the relief package down.  Instead, she played an influential and large role on Pelosi’s pork stuffed bill. 

Shame on Congress, and shame on Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill for putting partisan politics ahead of all Americans during this crisis. 

They say you can tell the character of an individual by how they handle adversity.  I can tell you, Mikie Sherrill showed hers and it wasn’t what was advertised.  My family and I will never forget this betrayal.

Karen Arakelian

CD11 Constituent