Today Democrats in Congress will put their political witch trial before the public, for the Americans to see. Their hope is that the masses of deplorables and bible clinging American people will be swayed by their political slight of hand. This is a predetermined trial. It’s outcome happened within a nano second of President Trump’s election. American’s will see for themselves how partisan and devoid of due process Schiff is willing to go to extract his pound of political flesh. The public will take note when Schiff gavels down Republican requests  for calling the supposed Whistleblower to testify or shuts down questioning of witness motives.  American’s interest will be piqued when they see first hand that  the Schiff’s staff coached the Whistleblower weeks before he-she filed the complaint, then he, Schiff, lied to the American people about his involvement.

Tomorrow may be the beginning of public testimony but it will also be remembered as the day when Americans started paying attention and did not like what they saw. Soon Democrat’s back slapping will be replaced with finger pointing and hand wringing. Justice will begin being served. Just not as the Democrats envisioned.

Senator Joe Pennacchio