Cesaro-Dunn Team Announce Civic Education & Engagement Development (CEED)

The Number One Question We Get Asked on the Campaign Trail is this:  “What is a Freeholder?”

The CEED Initiative will eliminate that confusion and our work ethic and productivity will make it clear exactly how important a role Freeholder is.

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The facts are here:

  • Most residents don’t know what their local and county government do or can do for them.
  • Americans are more politically polarized and socially isolated.
  • Volunteerism is down from a decade ago.
  • Fewer people think they have a say in government or that public officials care about what they think.   

Cesaro-Dunn are honored to have the opportunity to educate the public on local governance by implementing an outreach initiative to schools and community organizations throughout the county.  For it lays the groundwork for an engaged citizenry and holds officials accountable to the very obligations they are chartered to fulfill.

Aren’t we tired of politicians over-promising and under-delivering?  Politicians want to tap into your emotions and get you stirred up so you will vote for them.  What a disservice to us all.   Together, let’s focus on where we can make a difference on the county level and get to work!

As conservative Republicans, the Cesaro-Dunn ticket will uphold the value of localism and fight against big government intervention.  For it is the decisions made closest to home and left in the hands of the people that make sound policy. 

So what does a Freeholder do exactly?

Think of a Freeholder as a County Taxpayer’s Advocate.  By looking out for all 39 towns to identify where support and services are needed, a Freeholder is your first line of defense in ensuring all residents benefit from the good quality of life for which Morris County is known.      

What influence does a Freeholder have?

Freeholders do not hold the authority or power to vote against policies established by a Mayor, Governor, Congress or President.  However, the Freeholders, as a collective, can serve as your voice; letting legislative and executive bodies know what is important to us as a county.  The quality of Freeholders should be judged in how proactive they are in finding opportunities to both enhance and deliver services.  Freeholders should be held accountable for the effectiveness of these services and what they are doing to invest in the economy by making the county an attractive place for businesses and families to locate here. 

About Cesaro-Dunn: As parents of school-aged children, Cesaro and Dunn are passionately behind today’s announcement.   Civics education should not be taught to AP students alone!  Dunn’s education policy expertise will spearhead the CEED Initiative.  Raised by a Social Studies Teacher, who developed a Dropout Prevention program in one of the largest schools in New York City, Dunn continued in the family tradition of educational leader and advocate.  Dunn served as a budget analyst on the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee and oversaw the enactment of the “No Child Left Behind Act.”    Most recently, Dunn was AVP of Government Affairs for Sesame Workshop, a global content provider for early education.