PARSIPPANY, NJ -  Dressed in a white button down shirt, Tim Tebow came to the stage to a standing ovation, and spoke for approximately 20-25 minutes at Liquid Church's first Parsippany service to nearly 4,000 people, between both services.

The service began on time with 3 opening songs performed by a large band, and many attendees sang along with the lyrics displayed on multiple large screens.

Pastor Tim Lucas and his wife Colleen spoke about their official Parsippany grand opening scheduled for November 26, 2017. Pastor Lucas described their other campuses in New Jersey, and their mission to provide clean drinking water to those in need. They have a campaign called Satur8te, designed to expand Liquid’s ministry in 3 mission critical areas: Campuses, Compassion, and Clean Water.

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Tim spoke about how God will have your back through both the good times and the difficult ones. He told many stories, one that talked about his recent ‘awkward’ experience last week in the Atlanta airport. He had strep throat and was not feeling well. He saw a man in the airport who was walking with a limp, and he wanted to simply say a few words that God loves him, but he didn’t, and then was sorry that he did not do so. 

While waiting at the gate to board his flight, he asked God to give him another chance to make an impact on someone at the airport. After he finished his prayer, a man walked past him with two prosthetic legs, who had served in the military. Tim spoke to him for a while and thanked him for his service. When he was seated on the plane, he asked the flight attendant to search for the man and tell him that Tim would like to give him his first class seat as a thank you to him. After asking him a few times, he accepted, and Tim sat in coach on an aisle seat. As Tim buckled into the tight-fitting seat with passengers to his right, left, front and back, he laughed to himself and wondered why he did it. This got several laughs from the audience.

Tim really wanted to put on his headset and listen and watch a show on the flight, but everyone around him spoke to him, including a woman who was experiencing marital problems and confided in Tim that perhaps Tim was there next to her for a reason. He spoke at length with her, too.

Tim stated that we should do the uncomfortable, awkward things sometimes, because the ripple effect is worth it. Because of his generosity, God worked through Tim to touch several lives that day. He stated that the awkward feeling will pass and the beneficial impact on others would be worthwhile.

Liquid Church serves as one of multiple locations across the country and abroad for The Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine, a prom designed especially for teens and adults 14+ with special needs. In February 2018, they will be one of the host churches again. Night to Shine is an event that occurs at the same time at 500 churches worldwide, with 350 churches in 50 states and 11 countries, and is expected to have approximately 90,000 honored guests through the support of 175,000 volunteers.

Liquid Church is a Christian, non-denominational church that is Bible-based and Christ-centered.  Liquid Church’s Morris County campus is located at 299 Webro Road in Parsippany, NJ. Today, Parsippany Police were on site directing traffic for parking and street crossing for the hundreds of attendees excited to see and hear Tim Tebow. At the 9:00 AM service, there appeared to be close to 1,000 people in attendance. For more information about Liquid Church, you can find them online: Liquid Church Website, Facebook, and Twitter.