Happy New Year and a heartfelt congratulations to Councilmen dePierro and Carifi and Councilwoman Gragnani on their inauguration yesterday.  As we head into 2020, I am confident this re-elected team will hit the ground running on the various issues facing our township in a collaborative, bipartisan manner.

Our municipal government must get back to basics and relieve our taxpayers of the burden of financing this bloated municipal government. 

Our residents are not an endless resource of cash and desperately need effective representation to deliver on a two-percent cap on tax increases. The township must look from within and get serious in cutting the wasteful spending.

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This administration needs to promptly reign in on these out-of-control vendor contracts such as the disastrous Kemper contract which led to the gross mismanagement of the township‘s golf course.

Details of these vendors contracts and Other municipal attorney fees should be directly accessible by the public on the township’s website.   Residents pay for these costs and should not have to go through the bureaucracy of the Open Public Records application process fraught with protracted delays and questionable redactions.

Streamlining of staff costs at PAL is long overdue. Currently our residents pay more than $300,000 per year on salaries and benefits for just two employees under the careless watch of this administration. 

And while we are on the subject of skyrocketing salary costs, the elimination of the more than million dollars in unnecessary patronage jobs created will also help get our budget within the two-percent cap.

The township needs to renegotiate the taxpayer subsidized 1515 Rt 10 Pilot; this deal was a disaster from the start. If the township does not address this sooner rather than later, our residents will be on the hook for decades to come and our school system overwhelmed. 

Our township aesthetics, housing and zoning statutes must be more aggressively enforced If we are to restore Pride in Parsippany.  The glut of advertisement banners draped over the Waterview shopping center fence, the dilapidated Route 46 chain link fence and other unkept township properties need to be remedied. People move to Parsippany to escape the eyesores often seen in other municipalities where property is not as high of a priority and upkeep falls short.

Residents on the west side of our township demand and deserve more police presence. The police substation needs to be restored in Powder Mill.  Residents spoke loud and clear about this need, however this administration dismissed their concerns. 

I look forward to lending my guidance, expertise and perspective as a former councilman, Board of Education member and taxpayer for 32 years as this administration and bipartisan council conducts the serious work necessary to improve the state of affairs in Parsippany.


Dr. Lou Valori