June 1, 2018

Contact: Aura Dunn @ 703-568-4627

As proponents of good governance, Freeholder Cesaro and I decided on a campaign that would inform the Morris County voter on the issues that were important to them, not bashing opponents with negative campaigning. 

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We stand firm in that decision, in spite of the repeated and costly propaganda you may have received and asked to ingest. This toxicity serves no one and only further isolates the public.

Our role as both leader and public servant is to inform, not confuse.

The Cesaro-Dunn team believes in conservative fiscal management, promoting economic development, and improving our quality of life in Morris County.

Securing the backing of Sheriff James Gannon for our holistic plan to combat the Opioid Epidemic has energized us to take on this public health crisis, which has ravaged Morris County families and communities.  Once elected, this will be a top policy priority. 

Please explore our positions further by reading the endorsements given to us as the top two GOP picks by your local papers, our Facebook pages and website: www.dunnforfreeholder.com.

Thank you,

John Cesaro and Aura Dunn