My name is Edward Mosberg….i am a holocaust survivor.  I came here to this country 68 years ago when I ran away from the communists…and now it is a completely different country when I came in here. 

We should remember that communists in Russia fall apart after they kill 20 million of the people that opposing Stalin… what I see here we have a Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi,  AOC and the four congresswoman known as the Squad ….those people in just plain English are just communists….we have to stop them what they are trying to do to this country that I love so much…..Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and other countries became communists but the people in those country realized that communism is no good so they voted against the communists in that country….

I would send Bernie Sanders and the two others to learn about the communists in Russia…but its too late for them because communists don’t exist any more because people realize communism is no good

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Once more I would like to say to the people in the United States to try to change and reject what these Congresswoman say, because we don’t need communists in this country and once more I think those people are just plain communists.

America people – we have to understand we have a great, great country and don’t let them ruin it by those communists.  We should get them out of this country so we can get back the country that I love and that the whole United States – people of the united states will love it too…..

Once more we have a president – Donald Trump – who loves this country – whether you like it or not – he will be the next president of the United States….once more…God Bless America…God bless the people of the United States and let them wake up to make those changes to get rid of those Communists people.  People call them Socialists. Make no mistake they are really Communists. Then we can get our country back to the way it was many, many years ago. This is the last chance to save our Country that we love so much.