TRENTON, N.J. – In the wake of the Assembly Budget Committee’s party-line approval of Gov. Phil Murphy’s unconstitutional proposal to borrow $5 billion and impose a new statewide property tax, Assemblyman Jay Webber pointed out the blatant double-standard of the Murphy Administration in pushing this scheme:
“Governor Murphy has put nine million residents of our state on lockdown for months, imposing arbitrary restrictions on all of us that carry the force of law, and then threatening, shaming, and punishing those who defy his orders,” said Webber (R-Morris).  “But to fuel his spending ambitions, Governor Murphy ignores the most fundamental law of our state:  the New Jersey Constitution.  Apparently, rules are for the rest of us, not Governor Murphy, which begs nine million New Jerseyans to ask:  ‘Why am I still supposed to follow Murphy’s edicts when he himself won’t follow the rules?’”