Dear Editor,

As a concerned mother, I feel impelled to speak out on last week’s revelations regarding a prominent Parsippany public figure.

After reading Mr. Tom DeLorenzo’s letter to the editor, I realized how important it is not to remain silent.  I was completely unaware the severity of the content until I had been forwarded some of the actual screenshots from Mr. Cahill’s Facebook page.  It became apparent that this was not a one time “mistake” or even a lapse in judgement, there seems to be a distinct pattern in what he views as humor.  I’m not sure who can possibly defend these messages as being harmless and playful in nature. 
I find equally disturbing that these posts have been shared and displayed on his Facebook page for many months.  What type of “Facebook friends” would think that sexual “jokes” that include children are funny?  I would have a big problem if a friend or colleague of mine had posted such inappropriate posts. 

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I am a mother of 7 year old twins, and every moment that I cannot be with them I worry.  I hope that they are safe in our schools and in our community.  I see Mr. Cahill all over town taking photographs during various school functions, local sport events and even local elections and even local  parades.  I would think that he should have to adhere to a social media policy that should reference a code of conduct.  I would further question who feels comfortable that Mr. Cahill is given “press authority” to take photographs of township children. 

 I ’m personally, just learning about his posts.  However, it seems that Mr. Cahill has a history of making sexually suggestive remarks on social media that include children, religion, and sexual orientation, that are open to the public.   Mr. Cahill, are you going to suggest your Facebook account has been hacked or tampered with?  We all know how that has turned out for the likes of Anthony Weiner and Joy Reid.  

As a parent, the thought that child predators find careers and opportunities that give them access to children is frightening.  The recent case of Dr. Larry Nassar, who had sexually abused over 300 victims, validates how predators seek professions that provide access and trust.  Many of Dr. Nassar’s colleagues saw all the signs.  There were actual preliminary police reports, some as early as 1997 before he was finally stopped.  There were several red flags that should have demanded a call to action sooner, but he was allowed to go unchallenged.  This similar pattern was seen with Coach Jerry Sandusky and how Pennsylvania State University cared more about their profits then the children and students that have been exploited.  In both these cases bureaucracy had allowed evil to fester, I truly believe Parsippany is better than that.

I hope that local officials are not going to continue to ignore this alarming behavior.  Mr. Cahill cannot be the only photographer in town that can cover Parsippany local events.  As a mother, I do not want him taking photographs of my children. 
Isabella Alfano
Lake Hiawatha