Dear Editor,

As a college student and resident of Parsippany for over 15 years, it pains me to see what is happening in our town. Misinformation from both political parties is being spread like wildfire. What is particularly troubling is a recent “Letter to the Editor” published by Frank Cahill of the Parsippany Focus. This letter criticized former Councilman, Lou Valori, for a host of things. I am not versed enough on that matter to know if what was said was true or warranted, but I do know that my research has shown that the supposed author of the letter, “Morris Williams," was not a real person. Regardless of what the articles contents were, if someone was writing an article using a phony name, surely this is a sign of nefarious purposes. 

Prior to this letter, “Morris Williams” had written a letter to the editor to TAP into Parsippany regarding a scandal involving the current Mayor and a friend he had supposedly hired. After citing the article during a correspondence with Mr. Cahill over the matter, he had said, “Morris Williams is a fake person. Before I publish letters I verify who it is. That person refused their identity so I wouldn’t publish it”. This is definitely understandable. However, when Frank Cahill published a letter by “Morris Williams” last week, I had begun to wonder what had changed between then and now.

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Even though my own research had shown that “Morris Williams” wasn’t a real person, I wanted to confirm this without a doubt. I had gotten in touch with Mr. Cahill on Facebook asking if he had verified Mr. Williams identity this time, and he never gave me a clear answer. So instead, I messaged the “Morris Williams” Facebook account to find the truth. Today, I received a message from that account stating, “I can assure you that I didn’t write the letter that Cahill published”. He had also sent several messages, confirming that he had written the letter that was sent to TAP into Parsippany, but not the one that was published last week by the Parsippany Focus. He also never outright stated, but implied that “Morris Williams” is in fact a pseudonym. 

This shocking piece of evidence shows one of two things: either Frank Cahill lied to the people of Parsippany by writing a letter using a fake name, or he never verified the identity of the author. Either way, any shred of credibility he had is now lost, in my opinion. We, as a town, need to condemn this action, and call on our elected officials to do the same. I have since messaged the mayor asking for him to disavow this type of journalism, or at the very least give a comment. That has been met with zero response. At the time of me writing this, Frank Cahill is also making fun of my age by saying that I should, “go to bed, its past your bed time”. He has also called me “Lou Valori’s lap dog” despite the fact that I have met Mr. Valori once ever, and have never defended his decisions as a councilman. This kind of behavior is deplorable and disgusting. We should expect more from our town’s public figures.


Robert Quinn