Today I had the privilege of helping the Montville PD choose colors for their offices     As I was writing the list of the offices and the officers’ color choices,  I was listening to the ridiculousness that is going on in our government right now. it came to me that each and every one of these dedicated men and women was so  precious to me...they put their lives on the line every day to protect me and my family   Then I began to think about the atrocity of being made a sanctuary state which would no longer protect our wonderful men and women in blue but would give illegal immigrants the right to be here and possibly injure or kill one of these fine people, Or even one of our own loved has already affected my family, we lost my nephew in  May to an overdose of heroin that more than likely came across our insecure  border.  My sister in law will never be the same. 

As I listen to President Trump and the border security agents who are asking for more protection along our southern border,  I  hear the  hypocrisy  that is spewing from the leftist leaders who have many times in the past voted to protect our nation and I wonder why not now ?What is going on? What has changed? Is the left so worried about our President getting re-elected that they are willing to sacrifice the safety of the American people? Do they hate our president enough to destroy the lives of their constituents? It is really sad but  I think that’s exactly what’s happening! 

It is time to for all to love  our country more than they hate our president. 

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The RESISTANCE must end...and the COOPERATION must begin.  We have so much work to do...wasting time and energy fighting each other is Abominable. 

Karen Arakelian, Montville