I have send the following letter to all members of the US Congress and US Senate.

1512 Gates Court
Morris Plains, NJ 07960

Dear Congress(woman/man)            : 

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As a proud United States citizen who has lived through the oppression of Communism and escaped the clutches of the Holocaust, I implore you to protect our nation from the home-grown enemies now serving in Congress.  Senator Bernie Sanders and the Squad (Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley) are on a sole mission to permanently dismantle American democracy and freedoms -- a direct violation of their Congressional Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

These radical left traitors look to irreparably harm our Country and turn back the hands of time to the dark days of history.  They are brewing hatred throughout the nation disguised as social justice while fanning the flames of hostility against the principals of a free market society, entrepreneurship and our democratic freedoms. 

Bernie Sanders and the Squad are brainwashing future generations of young Americans in thinking that Communism is a form of social equality when, in fact, Communism breeds extreme poverty, human rights violations, terror, property seizures, imprisonment and executions. The innocent citizens who are not killed under Communist rule endure severe repression, loss of property rights, wide scale famines and baseless criminalization.  Communism controls nearly every aspect of people's lives and killed 70 million people in World War II. I should know, I lived it. 

Congress has a great deal to learn from citizens like me because I endured the horror and witnessed societies lured by hypnotic figure heads with tall tales of prosperity for all under Government rule (whether it be socialism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism).  In reality, these promises of social justice became reigns of terror, purges, imprisonment and executions. 

My wife and I wake up every morning and retire every night to the photographed faces of family members who were slaughtered by the Germans in concentration and extermination camps. Among our family members I see pictured on my wall daily are my two sisters and sister-in-law, all of whom were executed in cold blood by machine guns alongside the Baltic Sea where 7,000 other women were also butchered.

Narrowly escaping the manslaughter in Communist Poland where my family was terminated, and despite my desperate situation, I happily followed rules and procedures of immigrating to America 68 years ago. It took a year and a half for me to get my visa after I was able to prove I posed no threat to American values and laws.  I respected and willingly worked to abide by the laws of the land of what was hopefully to be my new home. 

Despite having no money in my pockets, I worked for everything I have without any government assistance.  Furthermore, my children and grandchildren were raised with the same principled beliefs that you must work smart and hard to get ahead and never give up on your dreams, contrary to Communism which only strips away dignity and possessions from its citizens and holds them captive under government rule.

All communist regimes, such as China, North Korea, Venezuela, Ethiopia and Cuba, were vicious as they were brutal as they oppressed and committed mass murders against their own citizens. The innocent people who are not killed endured severe repression, loss of property rights, wide scale famines and baseless criminalization. Socialist Venezuela’s plight has been poorly portrayed in the mass media, with the massive food shortages, soaring prices and an estimated three million people who have fled the country last year -- nearly 10 percent of the country’s entire population.    

Communism chokes nearly every part of people's lives. Citizens lose all sense of innovation and personal identity because they are taught to either conform to their leaders wishes or suffer the wrath of an unmerciful leader. Those who never lived in the throes of Communism don't know, or don't want to know, the fleeting aspect of it because media refuses to expose these stories.  However, the extreme left nefariously leverages the inadequate media coverage exposing Communism to their advantage.  They prey on the malleable minds of our youth with cult-like tactics complete and false promises of financial prosperity for all.

The radical left also instigates non-citizens to break U.S. Immigration laws, makes outrageous intolerant comments which malign the Jewish community, and atrociously compares legally sanctioned detention facilities to concentration camps in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s. This heinous a comparison sadly came from a 29-year-old former bartender, disturbingly a Congresswoman now, who wasn’t even alive during the days of concentration camps to make a credible comparison. 

Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s hurtful comments do not come from a place of ignorance, but rather a place of hatred for the Jewish community.  Fellow lawmakers must reject this destructive rhetoric and other extremists who occupy your Congressional halls.  

This Squad wants hate, anti-Semitism, Socialism and Communism to be not only possible in America, but fashionable. The shameful sales pitch preaching inclusion and equality is a shell game lethal to the uninformed.  Socialism is a precursor to Communism, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

I along with millions of others who suffered unspeakable brutality during the days of extermination and concentration camps did so because of Government “leaders” who refused to lead, but instead just sat idly by and did nothing to stop the horror. Democrat U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt turned his back on the Jewish people while the carnage reigned in German, Russia, Poland and other regions. If President Trump had been U.S. President during this time, he would have expeditiously bombed the concentration and extermination camps, gas chambers, crematoriums and railroad tracks leading to them. 

Americans are savvy and smart enough to know the true characteristics of a brave and just leader – the traits possessed by President Donald Trump. My family, friends and I will enthusiastically be campaigning and voting for the re-election of Donald Trump and I call on you, a member of Congress, to also stand strong and protect citizens of all races and backgrounds from clutches of this Squad’s clandestine, corrupt mission to manipulate Americans into thinking socialism benefits the public at large. 

Our country is in a fierce struggle for the survival of democracy and our freedoms as we know it today. Don’t be the leader who sits idly by, watching the country they stand for degrade itself to ruins and takes no action.

God bless you and God bless the United States, a country free from anti-Semitism, Socialism and Communism. Let's NEVER allow "United Socialist States of America" to happen!


    Holocaust Survivor,

                                                                       EDWARD MOSBERG

cc: All Members of Congress