August 13, 2019

Letter to the Editor:

I have read the two letters that were put into your Blog by a Mr. Edward Mossberg, I know nothing about this man, and to the best of my knowledge have never met him.

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The two letters he wrote are the BEST endorsement of an idea, the idea that America is not a socialist/.communist country, and that the democrat party – which is apparently run by the hard left factor with that party has lost ALL sight of what America is and why we need to be sure that we NEVER see the words “United Socialist States of America!”

Here in plain English we hear from a man who lived through the worst atrocity ever laid on the backs of human beings, the purposeful attempted destruction of 13 million innocent people at the hands of the Nazis in WW 2. This man has seen how and what appeared in the 1930s - an attempt by hardline Pro Totalitarian, anti-Semites who saw a place where everything was fine – as long as you were German and 100% Arian..

Jews, Catholics, Gypsies and physically handicapped people were herded into freight cars and shipped to camps where the “Final Solution” for purification of Germany was to take place…Why did this happen??  The German people had lost WW ONE and as part of the surrender it had strong sanctions imposed on it, and along came Adolf Hitler, he promised that things would improve dramatically under his insane plans, he created an entire race of people who everyone could hate..The Jews…If you did not agree with his vision, well the Secret Police (The SS) had a solution to that too, a bullet in the head or heart and you just disappeared never to be heard of again.  Hitler’s government took over everything from the cradle to the grave..Does this sound familiar???

The current Socialist who are running the DNC, who’s former Vice Chairman was a dedicated Anti-Semite is trying to run the same game here in America…For three years it was Russia, Russia, Russia and how President Trump sold out America to the Russians.  It is never mentioned that it was President Obama who was in the Whitehouse when all of this was supposedly going on, who told is in October of 2016 that the whole idea of Russian interference in the election was the Republican candidate crying foul before the game was over…

Now we must listen to their INSANE plans, the Gang of Four as I call them, four women who now speak for all democrats, who have all expressed their anti-Semite beliefs, to Boycott Israel, to  stop selling weapons to our ONLY Ally in the Middle East and to abandon Israel altogether. I strongly suggest all Jews who are of voting age PLEASE read Mr. Mossberg’s letters, then decide if today’s version of the democrat party is one that you can vote for and support, or is it time to make a change…

Mr. Mossberg is speaking from his Heart, he KNOWS that nothing is free, that there is only ONE COUNTRY OF EARTH where one can practice his Faith, his political beliefs and lift themselves up from poverty to become a part of the American Dream, all that is required is hard work and a strong belief that THIS IS MY COUNTRY, if you came here from some other place and find that we do not have Shira Law here, that we pray to GOD constantly and formally on Friday, Saturday and Sunday…then you are free to leave.

Mr. Mossberg obviously LOVES America, let us ALL learn from a man who saw the worse of Mankind in Nazi German - who came to best land GOD ever created – THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Respectfully Submitted:

Vito Sacco

Parsippany, New Jersey