I have lived in Denville since the 1990’s and have seen times change. When I moved to Denville, I brought my mom from Italy and, later, my dad. My mom was not well and, on several occasions, I needed to visit the Surrogate’s court on her behalf and later for my father’s estate. Each time was a highly emotional situation that required sensitivity. Also, there were logistical issues in that it was very difficult for my mom to walk, especially any kind of distance. I do not live far from Morristown but getting my mom to the Surrogate’s Office and home again was an all day event. I was constantly getting bills and calls from “people who performed medical services for my mom” who were looking for payment. I was fortunate because I was responsible for my mom’s care, making and taking her to each and every appointment, so I was not fooled like others could easily be. Heather Darling is the only one who has addressed these issues in this race – the real issues that real people face. I know Heather Darling as an estates and trust and divorce attorney from the Chamber of Commerce for many years. I see her all over the County at different events for many organizations and, when I do not personally run into her, I see it on her social media. She has always been active and involved and has the traits I would want to see in a leader. She is always willing to listen and offer a kind word. Over the last few years, Heather Darling has attended the Morris County Chamber of Commerce in her Freeholder capacity. I see other politicians come into the room, find each other, huddle together to chat and then sit together. Heather speaks with the people and sits with the people. She treats the Chamber staff with the same respect that she treats the people who come in from Trenton or the big corporations. The Surrogate we have now has been running that office for twenty-five years. This office needs a lot of updating to make it better for all of us who use that office. In my family, the next step will be my child using that office for me one day. I do not want her to spend all day taking me there when we have a candidate who wants to bring more of the functions online. I do not want her getting scammed by people calling about fake medical bills when I have a candidate who wants to notify her to look out for these things before they happen. From what I know and see from my years of living in the community, Heather Darling is one of the people and will watch out for the people. Her video on Facebook of her life story is compelling and is a Surrogate’s case in itself. If you are looking for someone who wants to stay in touch with our needs and genuinely wants to make the Surrogate’s office better, please join me in voting Heather Darling for Morris County Surrogate on November 5.

Monica Amsterdam