Parsippany will proudly host an upcoming rally in support of President Trump this Saturday, September 12th at Baldwin Road and Route 46.  This is a great time for all Parsippany residents and visitors to show their pride for our country and applaud and support our hard-working, results-driven President in a professional and courteous fashion. 

Unfortunately, Mayor Soriano and his administration have kept our entire community in the dark about safety and security efforts around this upcoming rally. However, I hope this silent Mayoral administration is at least acting in good faith and has engaged with event sponsor Harry Martin in planning and preparing for this gathering, which is likely to present traffic restrictions and other impacts in our area.

Regardless, as the Parsippany Republican Chairman, I strongly encourage all attendees to conduct themselves civilly and follow basic safety tips to ensure an enjoyable experience:

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1. Stay aware of other people at all times.  Should anyone get the slightest feeling something may be wrong, it’s best to listen to instincts, act fast and contact security or Police.
2. Keep an eye on the crowd for signs of trouble. When witnessing something of this nature, it could be a good time to promptly change locations and inform security about any concerns. Scenarios to look for include:
    • An abnormal increase in the number of people pouring into the area.
    • An individual who is behaving badly/dangerously or is putting others at risk rather than a loner who doesn’t seem to belong in the area.
    • Performers or audience members encouraging hazardous behavior.
    • If the crowd is getting too dense for comfort, change locations before it gets worse.
3. Be vigilant about theft possibilities when others may be close enough to reach purses, wallets, cell phones or cameras. Secure and hide loose items as much as possible.
4. If an evacuation is necessary, it’s important to stay calm during the evacuation. Try following some of these key tips:
    • If an emergency does happen, calmly move toward the nearest exit and listen for official instructions.
    • In a crowd, keep feet firmly placed and well-spread and keep arms close to the chest.
    • Don't resist the force of the crowd while gradually moving toward the outer perimeter of the crowd.
    • Do not stop to pick up dropped or lost personal items in dense and moving crowds.

I hope all attendees enjoy Saturday’s event as they show pride in their country and patronize our many wonderful local restaurants before heading home. 

Be well and safe,

Chairman Louis Valori