Communism is the forbidden fruit of the American Youth

America is going down a dangerous path with the House of Representatives treasonous actions of advancing impeachment articles against our brave President who is protecting the freedoms and core principles from which our diverse country was built. Young citizens must unite and reject the false allure of Communism. Senator Bernie Sanders and the Squad (Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley) have been feeding the youth of America formulated lies that tactifully cut out the unbearable oppression that comes with socialism and communism and labeling it liberalism. The way they misinform the public to permanently dismantle American democracy and freedoms is a direct violation of their Congressional Oath of Office to support to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Bernie Sanders is not a liberal but instead and English Communist and a traitor to this country and should be treated as such.

Because of Bernie Sanders and the Squad trying to paint Communism in gold, portraying it as far more successful than it ever has been, they insult me, a holocost survivor who lived in the throes of Communist Poland, and everyone living in a communist nation crying out to be saved by America and other strong world powers. The Squad says that Communism entitles them to everything that they could ever want and never pay a cent. Just looking across the ocean, we can prove this wrong, as we see and hear stories of Communist North Koreans being stripped of not only the things they want, but even basic human necessities. Applying these policies in America would not only crush our thriving economy and destroy the lives of all our citizens, but it will also devastate all the economies that depend on ours like Puerto Rico and Ecuador. It will only enlarge the burden the youth has today to climb out of economic struggle to thrive as my generation has. 

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If the Squad truly stands by their Communistic and oppressive ideals, they should practice what they preach and live like they are under Communist Rule already. They don’t because we all know they wouldn’t survive even a month under the grueling conditions totalitarian leaders would put them through. No one should be stripped of sentimental and valuable possessions, bodily autonomy, basic necessities and humanity, as I and many other survivors of communism have. The fact that America gives us the freedom of religion, speech, and lifestyle is a blessing that countries like North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba are blocked from because they are forced to appeal to the egos of their inhumane leaders in order to get the bare necessities to live. President Trump would never allow Communism to eat our country alive and would never put himself before this great nation. Bernie Sanders and the Squad attempt  attack his confidence and infect Congress with Un-American agendas trying to discredit him, but President Trump knows better than to distract himself with affairs that do not directly help Americans and keep our economy thriving as Nancy Pelosi nefariously has.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have attempted to unethically unhinge the American populous with these baseless and malicious impeachment cases that she is currently refusing to pass over to the Senate. These cases are just a part of an overall scheme to advance components of Communism in this country. They know that Trump is protecting this nation from their corrupt and dangerous agenda. If you love this country, young people must unite and support President Trust and help him protect our freedoms and society which allow anyone to achieve their dreams regardless of race, color, gender, creed, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background. We must learn from the Communism which existed and failed in the past before espousing to the false pretenses of flashy, diabolical politicians who know nothing about the realities of what they preach. After the War in Europe, all the young victims did not want to be told by the government how they should live, and I see that same spirit in the youth of America today. They abandoned the principles of Communism because it stripped them of everything -- dignity, sense of individuality, and ability to change the world for the better.

I hope you will join me and my family in proudly voting for President Donald Trump in 2020 so that our future generations will never witness, hear about, or live through the United Socialist States of America.

God Bless America!

Edward Mosberg, 

Holocaust Survivor

1512 Gates Court
Morris Plains, NJ 07960