Today is Labor Day, an American holiday where we celebrate the contributions of the American Workforce to Innovation industry and the economy. This year is different, just as it has been since March. Celebrations are different and many long-standing events in Traditions have been canceled all the way through the New Year. Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer vacations and the return to school.

This year, everything we had known and relied on and our lives has suddenly changed. We have been effectively locked out of public areas such as parks, government buildings, beaches and even the ocean as well as having been locked out of our own businesses and effectively locked down in our homes for some time.

We have been forced to wear masks in public without conclusive evidence showing that they offer substantial benefit and we are now subject to contact tracing and quarantine for travel.

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Meanwhile, while many are subject to additional restrictions, those bringing unrest and preaching division have been supported, promoted, endorsed and allowed to do whatever they choose without regard for this virus which has been utilized as a tool to make the rest of get in line and obey.

The American flag was burned, trampled, and set on fire. It has been desecrated repeatedly over the past few years and most recently the graves and monuments to the men and women who fought for the freedom that Flag represents have been desecrated and in some cases removed.

Against that backdrop, we now have the removal of the American flags from Bridges mandated by a State Authority while we are facing a vote-by-mail election where fraud is highly likely and anticipated. For the past six months, our rights have been trampled repeatedly. 

We the People must stand-up and say "NO" to the taking of our State and our Country by those seeking to subjugate us while they continue this course of vesting absolute power in themselves.