PARSIPPANY, NJ - Mayor Michael Soriano issued the following notice today regarding upcoming graduations in the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills.  You can read the statement below:

“I’ve been following the discussions about potential town-wide graduation festivities next month, and wanted to address what I feel is the township’s role. 
Let me start by saying that I understand the need to support and celebrate our outgoing seniors.  The pandemic has robbed them of important high school experiences, and I appreciate the enthusiastic discussions being had by parents and students alike on how we can properly commemorate the class of 2020. 
The difficult task is figuring out how we can do this while adhering to the letter and the spirit of social distancing and related public health restrictions, which we will continue to be under for an unknown amount of time. 
I believe that the form of any town-wide graduation activities is a Board of Education decision, and the township stands ready to support the celebration in whatever form it takes.  Whether it includes emergency vehicles, decorations, or something completely different, we’re there to help.  However, I don’t believe in doing something separate from or without the direction of the Board of Education. 
I spoke with Dr. Sargent this past week, and she is working with her team and elected officials to develop an appropriate alternative, taking into account both public health and the input of parents and students.  I would ask that we all be patient with the Board of Education during the planning phase, while also offering input, suggestions, and help towards this effort. 
I look forward to the township being part of what I believe will be an innovative and well-deserved celebration for the Parsippany Class of 2020. 
Thank you, stay safe, and God bless you all."