PARSIPPANY, NJ - It was just a normal work day for local deejay Mike Penkoski, who was on his way to a wedding, when he noticed traffic beginning to pile up on Rt. 80 near Parsippany. His initial thoughts were about being late for work, until his brother told him to pull over. Upon realizing a driver was in serious trouble, Mike and his brother didn't think twice about helping.

TapInto Parsippany spoke to Mr. Penkoski who said, "My brother looked over and said there was a guy having a seizure, so, we did what we thought anyone would do in that situation. We jumped out. We hopped the guard rail, broke the car's rear window with the help of woman who then jumped through the back window and opened the door for us.

"I get his seat belt off and pull him out of the car, and this is three weeks after shoulder surgery and I didn't even care." According to Penkoski, the woman was an ER nurse who had two children in her car. She sent Mike's brother to watch her kids so she could help. "She let a total stranger go to calm her kids so she could perform CPR" says Mike.

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"After what seemed like a lifetime, the police arrived. I'm CPR and first aid certified, so I continued CPR, but the man was just completely lifeless." We refused to give up. He began to choke and show signs of life, but just as quickly, we lost him again. For about 2.5 minutes he did not breathe and had no pulse and started turning blue. At that point, we were sure he was dead but we still refused to give up. Finally, after a third attempt, we got him back and he was talking to me."

Mike says he had to get to work and didn't get the names of either the nurse who helped administer CPR, nor the man who's life he saved. When we spoke to Mike, he said he wasn't expecting anyone to thank him. Instead, he felt thankful knowing that a man was safe at home with his wife and daughter instead of in the morgue. He hopes his story inspires people to not be selfish and be there for others... no matter what you're doing!

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