PARSIPPANY, NJ - Here are some other matters of busness that occured in botht he August 4th and August 20th Parsippany-Troy Hills Council meetings.

August 4th Meeting:

The meeting began with a presentation by the Stickley Mueseum at Craftsman Farms. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary, and asked the council for a a grant to improve the museum. When the meeting was opened up to the public for a discussion, a Parsippany resident, Mr. Rosenthrawl, claimed that a neighbor of his cut down nine trees near his property over the course of a few days. He requested that for an individual to cut down trees of any amount, that it would have to be documented nonetheless. The original Parsippany ordinance requires a permit only if an individual is planning to cut down five or more trees in a day. The council considered his proposal.

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August 20th Meeting:

In memory of those in Parsippany who lost their lives on the tragic day of 9/11, the Town Hall of Parsippany will be hosting a 9/11 remembrance ceremony on the West side of the building at 8:30 am of that Wednesday. This event will be open to the public.

In addition, Chief Dean Snook took the time this town council meeting to honor good Samaritans and EMTs for their involvement in pre-hospital care for patients in need. He recognized that the effort of Parsippany citizens and EMTs are a crucial part in helping out the rest of the community. Mayor Soriano honored John Mikorski, RyanmGrey, John Bonanni, Elizabeth McDonald, John Miller, Kim Conklin, and others for their involvement.

Due to a vacancy on the Environmental Committee, Michelle Gaynor was nominated by town council member Emily Peterson to fill the spot and therefore was approved by the rest of the committee.

Lastly, the owners of Lanidex Plaza requested that the town council committee recognize that the property of the Plaza is in need of redevelopment in accordance with NJ law.