PARSIPPANY, NJ - Mayor Michael Soriano discusses the importance of social distancing for the Township of Parsippany

"Nine years ago, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, I witnessed firsthand the kindness and generosity of the people of Parsippany, as well as the ability of this community to come together and help those in need. Today, we once again find ourselves in challenging times. We are now beginning to understand that measures need to be taken to protect our country, our community, and the people that we care for. While it goes against our social instincts, we need to understand that coming together to fight this virus also means pulling apart, and distancing ourselves from one another. We will miss our unique community celebrations, sporting events, family occasions, and simple social gatherings. But the unfortunate truth is that these gatherings have the potential to make us and those we care for sick. We may not like it, but the time has come for us all to collectively make sacrifices. Anything we can do to slow the virus’ spread, no matter how small, has the potential to save lives. And if we don't, the heaviest burden will be with our first responders, our nurses, medical staff, and doctors. They are the front line of defense we depend on to care for and cure our friends and family that are sick. By staying home, and separating yourself from others, you can save lives. And take it from someone who’s seen it firsthand: helping others and saving lives is what this community is all about."
-Mayor Michael Soriano
Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills

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