PARSIPPANY, NJ – Parsippany Hills and Parsippany High are long time rivals, but you can count on these two schools to come together for those in need. On April 4th, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., a double elimination volleyball tournament was held at Parsippany High. The event was run by Parsippany High advisor Melissa V. Wingerden and Parsippany Hills advisors George Clark and Liz Mejias along with the Student council committee headed by Tresa Foland from Par Hills.

The tournament was an exciting way to fundraise for this year’s NJASC State Charity, One Simple Wish. One Simple Wish is a non-profit organization that restores hope and happiness to children & young adults impacted by foster care, abuse and neglect.

Melissa Van Wingerden’s states that the event has been gaining traction and she is glad that the students are recognizing the event as a positive and exciting night. “But most importantly, its to raise money for One Simple Wish. So obviously, any opportunity we have to raise money for that cause is great, and it’s also great for our kids to get out there and make a positive difference,” she beams.

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The money is raised through team sign ups for the event and donations. The students are encouraged to write kind notes for kids in the foster care system.

This event also plays into both schools' playful competition. For the past two years, the tournament has been alternatively held between the two schools, and this year was the Hill’s turn to host. The winning volleyball team receives a lunch of free choice, bought by the opposing school’s principal. Parsippany Hills has won this presitous award for a three year winning streak. This year’s winning team is "W​e Got Next",​ consisting of Parsippany Hills students JD Bresslauer, EJ Comerford, Ty Sallie, Dennis Wilson, Jordan Thompson and Corey Katzenberger.

However, for the past two years, Parsippany High has had the privilege of hanging their flag on the opposing school’s flagpole. Parsippany High has been undefeated in fundraising, and has received this honor in return for their dedication.

The two High School’s lively competitiveness shows no sign of stopping. But these two schools have proved that rivalry can certainly be positive.