Choosing the right accountant has a life longing affect on the way you live and how you spend your money.  Accountants play an enormous role in today's society. From managing portfolios, company finances and even doing personal tax returns, accountants have a huge responsibility to their clients.  

1) Tax season is quickly approaching and choosing the right accountant can make a difference between paying taxes and receiving a refund.  Being knowledgeable of the appropriate tax credits and deductions is an important aspect of filing a personal tax return. There have been millions of dollars lost by people who do their own tax returns and do not claim all the credits/deductions that are available.  Tax returns can be extremely complex and accountants are your main resource for completing returns correctly.  Don't wait for April to know what you owe.  Meet with your accountant now to build and create a yearly goal..

2) Having an accountant involved in your life, not only during tax season, but throughout the year can alleviate any pressures of managing your money.  Learning how to save and grow your money is important for your future.  Keeping organized with expenses and revenues will allow you to manage your free cash and budget properly.  Your accountant should be able to assist in budgeting out your monthly expenses and build a schedule for you to follow.     

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3) Accountants can help in having your money work for you.  Having a strong understanding of the cash flow and timing of money can increase your portfolio drastically.  Moving money around from certain accounts to others and investing money can increase your monthly/yearly cash.  Don't let your money just sit around, make sure you put it to work.    

4) Knowing what to buy and when to buy it. Investing your money in assets that cash gift you great financial benefits is an important way that you can manage your money.  Building equity and creating an environment for asset growth can enhance your way of living.  

5) Stick to what you know.  If you are a small business or a large corporation having an accountant is extremely important.  Consult your accountant on questionable transactions and purchases can potentially save you a tremendous amount of money.  In order to protect the future of your business it is necessary to consult an accountant and discuss yearly financial goals.

If you are holding off on finding an accountant you are making a mistake.  Go out find an accountant you can trust and build a life long relationship.  Have them involved in your life and grow your money.