WOODLAND PARK, NJ - On July 21, veterans of the Woodland Park American Legion Post #238 hiked five miles through town, visiting elderly members of the post who are unable to make it down to the physical space they used to visit.  

"If they can't make it to the post, the post will come to them,” said Commander Erik Luker, adding, "I know how much it means to these guys that we're out here and that the post will keep going strong for years to come. It means a lot to all of us.”

The young men, mostly post 9/11 Marines comprised of Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans, brought their senior counterparts Legion T-shirts, rations and flags. In addition to tangible items, Luker believes the visits brought morale, while simultaneously building camaraderie among the young vets and keeping true to the ethos of "Never leaving a man behind." 

One senior post member in need of a handicap ramp at his house was surprised by the young vets with a $3,000 check to build the ramp.