WOODLAND PARK, NJ - Each month at Charles Olbon School, students work to be named among the winning Hero Classes of the Month.

During lunch periods, the students must work together as a class to follow the rules, such as cleaning up their tables and lining up quietly. By doing so, they can earn “Chipmunk Chips.” The classes with the most chips from each grade win each month. Posters in the lunchroom help the kids see where their class is at and encourages their willingness to pitch in to help their class win, according to guidance counselor Danielle Indri.

Winning classes earn a special treat such as a pajama day or popcorn party, which is up to their teacher.

The winning classes for the month of January were: Mrs. Munro’s kindergarten class, Mrs. Macchiavello’s first grade class; Mrs. Voinov’s second grade class and Mrs. Parker’s class.