HANOVER TOWNSHIP, N.J.- Lori Bachman woke up to an empty house on Thursday morning. Not the norm, when she is usually the first one awake. Her daughter Julia is a big fan of Chic-Fil-A and was very excited about the Morris Plains store opening this week. Knowing the first 100 people in the door would win Chic-Fil-A for a year, Julia Bachman was determined to be one of them. Her father , Andy said he didn't mind taking her since she had no school.

Thursday monring, they arrived at 4:50 am. and found themselves down a very long line. When the announcement came that the doors would open and bracelets were distributed, the Bachmans were number 54 and a definite winner for Chic-Fil-A for a year. It was estimated that around 700 people showed up for  those 100 spots. 

The long-awaited arrival of Chic-Fil-A in Morris County had created a huge buzz. The contest was a catalyst. As for the Bachmans, Julia plans to be there a lot this year, enjoying waffle fries, most likely with her super Dad who made it all happen.